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Expertise and experience​ : We have been operating in this field since 2020, boasting an expert and experienced team dedicated to solving customers' problems and providing exceptional assistance.  

Maximum compensation : We strive to cover all your hospitalization and medication expenses through our services, within the rules and regulations.

Time and effort savings : We help you from the day of your admission until the day of discharge, providing full assistance and support. Additionally, you do not need to worry about your reimbursement as we take care of the entire process.

Personalized approach : our service takes into consideration the individual needs, preferences, and characteristics of each customer.   

Legal expertise : In case any legal issues arise during a patient's hospitalization until the date of discharge, we have a legal team to defend you. 

Stress relief : We have registered the best hospitals near you for fast hospitalization, and after that, we stay connected and provide support. After your discharge, our team handles all the documentation regarding reimbursement, ensuring a stress-free treatment and recovery experience, which is what we aim to provide our customers. 

Transparency and communication : We are open, honest, and clear in conveying information and fostering effective dialogue. This involves openly sharing relevant information, providing accurate and complete details, and promoting clear and open lines of communication between all parties involved.

Trust and reliability :  AYUS HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. is known for its reliability in this field. The company has built a reputation for providing the best services and a stress-free process of cashless hospitalization and reimbursement.


Government Decision Public Health Department no. MG 2005/9/P.No.1 / A. 3, Correspondence dated March 19, 2005

Acute/Chronic Conditions

 Cardiac Emergency

 Cerebral Vascular

 Pulmonary emergency





 Shock Syndrome

 Cardiological and Vascular


 Acute abdominal Pains/Intestinal Obstruction

 Severe Hemorrhage

 Gastro – Entireties

 Onset of Psychiatric Disorder

 Retinal Detachment In The Eye

 Gynaecological And Obstetric Emergency

 Genito –Urinary Emergency

 Gas Gangrine

 Foreign Body in Ear, Nose or Throat Emergency

 Congenital Anomalies Requiring urgent Surgical Intervention

 Brain Tumour



 Acute Glaucoma


 Poisoning caused by animal bites

 Chemical poisoning


Serious Conditions

 Heart Surgery

 By Pass Surgery


 Kidney Transplantation

 Blood Cancer


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